There are many uses for architectural pergola structures.

Pergola Designs

Pergolas add both beauty and functionality to your yard. These structures provide character, beauty, shade, seating and comfort. Pergolas provide a separate living space and can be used for several purposes. They can vary in size and provide an outdoor dining area, a comfortable reading space or just a great space for entertaining guests. There are many structural designs or you can simply design your own.

Old Romantic Design

This Pergola would consist of white rafters, white purlins and side lattices. Complete the romance with a comfortable sofa and a relaxing fountain. Candle lanterns would be a great addition to this style.

Modern Minimalist

This sleek design offers the bare essentials a pergola has to offer. This design would be a great addition to your garden as it provides shade, seating and a privacy screen.

Private Corner

Create a private corner pergola in your yard. Add lights and comfortable seating so you can relax and enjoy the full view of your beautiful backyard.

Pergola Pod

If you are looking for extra privacy you may want to consider a pergola pod for your yard. This cosy feature offers shade, comfortable seating, sofas, and extreme privacy. A great place for an afternoon name.

Customize Your Pergola

You can accessorise your pergola and make it your own by adding unique features such as curtains, garden swings, retractable canvas shades, pallet bed swings, comfortable furniture, cushions and privacy screens. You can add a pergola to your deck or create a specific space separately in your yard. There’s nothing like creating your own backyard oasis.

Poolside Pergolas

Pergolas are great for using on the poolside. They provide comfortable sitting, shade and a space to relax before and after swimming. House your poolside pergola with lounge chairs and comfortable cushions. Enjoy lunch in your poolside pergola by adding a dining area.