Gazebos are beautiful structures which provide several purposes.

Types of Gazebos

There are several types and designs of gazebos available to meet all your needs. Gazebos can be constructed on decks to provide shade and protection from rainy weather. Gazebos can also protect your outdoor furniture from rain and UV fading. Gazebos are a great way to accent your deck and provide covered space when needed. On a hot day, sitting in a gazebo can feel much cooler. Gazebos can either be permanent structures or portable structures.

Custom Gazebos

When you decide to have a customized gazebo there are different styles you can choose from. They can be customized to suit any needs you may have. Gazebos can be designed in many shapes and sizes utilizing a variety of materials. Some popular gazebo styles are:

  • Hexagonal Gazebo
  • Round Gazebo
  • Square Gazebo
  • Elongated Gazebo


The most popular sizes are 3 meters, 4 meters, and 5 meters, however, they can be customized to be any size.

Gazebos can be constructed of wood, metal, aluminium, bamboo and other materials. Budget and weather conditions could be determining factors when deciding on construction materials.

Gazebo Roofing

The most sturdy roofing material for gazebos is metal roofing. It also provides protection from UV rays and inclement weather. Some gazebos are constructed with canvas or thatched roofing which presents a totally different look.

Gazebo Uses

There are many uses for gazebos. Gazebos can be used to house hot tubs, children’s play areas, eating areas, garden areas, or simply on your backyard deck for relaxing and entertaining purposes.

Gazebo Accessories

Accessories can easily be added to gazebos to make them unique. Accessories such as curtains, drapes, furniture, plants, lights, candles and even tabletop fire bowls can be added to your gazebo. Customize with railings and privacy inserts, stained glass hangings and unique steps.