It is very common today for many people to utilize their garage for purposes other than storing vehicles.

Garage Uses

When you add a functional garage to your home it can be used for many purposes. It can be used as a seasonal sitting area, a playroom for kids, a man cave, or even to house additional appliances such as refrigerators and freezers. Turn your garage into a workshop for woodworking or mechanical repairs. It is a good idea to have an entrance into your home from the garage. An entrance from the garage into your home adds many conveniences. You can easily take your groceries in from the car, you can use your garage as a mudroom to alleviate the accumulation of shoes and dirt in your front foyer. Many people also use their garage as storage space for outdoor items, furniture and other items.

Garage Size

If you are going to use your garage traditionally to store your vehicle(s), then you need to decide if you require a one-car garage, two-car garage or larger if necessary. For additional space, you may want to consider adding a loft to your garage.

Garage Door Styles

A garage can add great curb appeal to your home. There are a variety of garage door styles to choose from. There are traditional garage doors, barn style garage doors or even garden doors. You can put a traditional garage door on one side and garden doors on the other side for easy access. It may also be a good idea to add an entranceway to your backyard from the garage, especially if you store your lawn care equipment in the garage.

Garage Interior Finishing

Many people choose to drywall their garage to give a finished look. It is also wise to add several electrical outlets. You can also insulate your garage so it stays warmer in the colder weather.