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The ins and outs of outdoor living

We know that when it comes to improving your home everyone wants something special. And you deserve it! After all this is your family, home, lifestyle that we are talking about. The things you work hard for day in and day out. Of course inevitably the ‘b’ word is more often than not an important [...]

50 shades of decking

There is a simple thought process to follow when making decisions about your proposed decking project, and I’m a nice guy so I will happily share it with you here. It really is fascinating/concerning to hear of the huge disparity in both advice and pricing being dished out to people who are just trying to [...]

Everyone wants a win/win scenario

Let’s be honest…no one likes to lose. Especially when dealing with a business, when you’re looking to spend your hard earned dollars on what should be an incredible alteration to your home. No one wants to feel like they’ve lost that money and not gotten exactly what they wanted. As a builder and a business [...]

Why choose us?

Well I think this site aims to give you a pretty good idea of the answer to that question. I am not going to launch into a huge narrative about how much better off you are choosing us over our competitors. But I do want to also explain a little bit more about who we [...]

Timber vs steel

It's the age old question, timber or steel.  This is one that I am asked rather frequently and my answer is always the same. What look do you prefer? Don’t make the mistake of thinking that one is ‘better’ than the other, or lasts longer - it is absolutely a case of personal preference. At Urban [...]