We know that when it comes to improving your home everyone wants something special. And you deserve it! After all this is your family, home, lifestyle that we are talking about. The things you work hard for day in and day out. Of course inevitably the ‘b’ word is more often than not an important factor. A budget, almost everybody has one. We understand that.

A deck or verandah/pergola will undoubtedly add a huge amount of lifestyle (and monetary) value to your home and will provide many hours of enjoyment for you and your family during the summer months. With the new technology in roofing you are now able to block out the summer’s heat whilst still enjoying natural light into your home. But I also like to pose question ‘what happens in the winter months?’ How do you use that space when the days are shorter, colder and wetter? Everyone crams inside to watch the tv by 4.30pm.

With current house and land sizes not everyone can afford the space for an extension as well as a verandah. Not everyone has the budget for an outdoor entertaining area as well as room to put the pool table for the teenagers, or (dare I say it!) the ever-enduring Man Cave with a bar.

And it is here that I want to know if you’ve considered the possibility of an outdoor room?

We can install an outdoor extension to your house, join it to the living area, install bi-fold doors to your house and truly open up your living space to include a fully insulated, wired, plumbed, pool tabled/pizza ovened/fire pitted area…install an outdoor kitchen, TV, sound system, spa pool. The list really is endless.

I know what you are thinking. I can’t afford that! (Or maybe you can, in which case you must call me immediately). Let me shock you with how economical this reality can be. It works like this. We start off with a basic frame. This dictates what openings you want, orientation, facilities that you may want to install now or at a later date. We next look at the roofing options. Hidden behind a bulkhead, cut into your roofline or something different that is going to add to the overall aesthetics of your project.

And then we move on to the fun stuff!

Cladding options, both interior and exterior. Do you want texture coated fibre cement, brick, a feature timber wall, stone, Colourbond, matte steel, metallic steel, copper? I’m sure you probably weren’t aware most of those even existed. The great thing about so many options is that there are in turn numerous price points to work with, and therefore we can tailor something to suit both your taste AND your budget.

The great thing about Urban Alfresco is that you deal with builders, not just salesman. We have built enough projects to help guide you through this process with surprising ease. We will suggest the possibility of using cheaper materials where they won’t be seen as much so that you can spend more of your money where it will truly be noticed. It’s the sort of helpful advice that you need but won’t often be given by others.

We will use materials that are upgradable, so the interior lining that you chose in order to avoid worrying about your 3 year old trashing it can easily be replaced for a herringbone cedar feature wall down the track with no major modifications. Times change, and so can your area…without redoing the whole thing.

Let’s give the toddlers some space where they can (worry free) ride their bikes, play ball or, I don’t know, maybe eat crayons? Let us help get the teenagers out of the house so you don’t have to listen to their music or computer games, let us give you a man cave where you can…sit.

Above all else, let us give you an area that you can use for everything you want, all year round and through all stages of your life. And yet still be able to pull up the blinds on Christmas Day and entertain your family and friends in style.

Let us amaze you, it’s what we love to do.