Let’s be honest…no one likes to lose. Especially when dealing with a business, when you’re looking to spend your hard earned dollars on what should be an incredible alteration to your home. No one wants to feel like they’ve lost that money and not gotten exactly what they wanted. As a builder and a business owner, I don’t like to lose either. Of course unfortunately I have on occasion…on several fronts. It’s not a nice feeling.

So these days my intention is to create a win/win scenario at all times. You as the customer win, receiving a well built and fantastic looking structure for a very fair price. And I as the builder also win, managing to pay my staff, my bills and myself (all being well). You enjoy the accolades of friends and family as they all come to marvel at the excellent choice you’ve made with your decking/verandah/carport etc. And I benefit from referral and repeat business as the masses scramble to secure Urban Alfresco as their builder for that next project. Brilliant!

We are running a business, yes. But first and foremost we are honest and hardworking PEOPLE, who always try to treat other PEOPLE how we would like to be treated ourselves. For the most part, the things everyone appreciates when dealing with any business are the same – a polite manner, efficient service, reasonable turnaround times and most importantly, honesty and good communication. These are the qualities we strive to achieve, they are not easily found these days and that’s where we set ourselves apart from the competition. What you see is what you get. We want to be transparent and give you confidence in what you are laying your money down for.

Being invited into homes firstly to quote, and then to create a structure from scratch which I know will completely change that family’s lifestyle…that is what it’s all about. This is why I started my own company. I can control the process from start to finish and ensure that the finished product that you want is exactly what you’ll get (and then some), and it will be stress free and hopefully enjoyable – as it should be!

If I strongly disagree with you on a design aspect of your proposed structure I will politely decline any involvement. Be that due to a safety issue, structural integrity or any number of other factors. And I will be honest with you about my reasoning. A win/lose scenario where I get paid but you’re not happy is not one I’m interested in. It just doesn’t sit well and it’s not good business sense. And I would assume as a customer you’re not so keen on that either.

So I guess that means we agree…and now we can do business together.