Arrange to meet Dave. He’s the real deal

Dave Leigh-Mackenzie not only owns and operates Urban Alfresco, he’s the chief designer and ideas man. He’s also the guy who will personally supervise each aspect of building your new pergola, deck, carport or gazebo.

None of the usual business where you talk to a salesman and then get left with an apprentice to build your project. When you deal with Dave you’ll get to know the man who will take care of all the small details for your job. You’ll receive the benefit of his considerable years of experience. You’ll be sure your project is getting the boss’s personal attention to ensure a great result. Our builders have either been personally trained by Dave or chosen by him for their exceptional skill set and professionalism.

Great design ideas

We wouldn’t want Dave to get a big head, but the truth is he’s rather smart when it comes to great design ideas.

You see, he has built that many decks, pergolas, carports and verandahs around Adelaide he has probably already worked on a project very similar to yours. So he’ll be able to add ideas to your own design or come up with a complete solution which is beyond anything you may have thought of.

On budget and on time

Yes we’ve heard the stories as well. Tradies who only show up when it suits them and paying scant attention to the needs of their clients. Cost blow-out sprung onto unsuspecting clients halfway through the job. Inconsiderate workers who are loud and leave a mess.

Dave takes an altogether different approach. He offers realistic budgets that ensure higher standards. He prides himself on being reliable and punctual. He really does put customers first.

A fair price for a great result

Because Dave doesn’t employ smooth talking sales staff or expensive designers, he can offer a high standard of service to suit your budget. There’s nothing lost in translation along the line. The chances are your project will look better, last longer and cost less. So why not meet him in person? Give him a call or drop him a message.